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As the name suggests, residential design focuses on living spaces. Single dwelling homes, apartments, condominiums, cottages, large estates, and everything in between.

Excel Global Interior designers who specialize in this area work closely with clients to ensure the home reflects their personality, preferences, and lifestyle (as well as meeting safety standards and building codes).

Space within the home is carefully mapped out to meet the needs of daily life. Residential interior designers may even specialize in a particular area of the home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, home office, or custom appliance design.

You'll have a hand in selecting and designing a wide range of elements, including ceilings, wall and window placement, lighting, technology needs, trim work, appliances, exteriors and landscapes, and much more.

And as eco-friendliness becomes increasingly popular in residential design, you will likely find yourself sourcing many "green" building materials, and incorporating ways to save energy, water, and other valuable resources into your interior and exterior design proposals