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Welcome to Excel Interiors


Excel Interior Design is a full-service interior design studio. Based in Bangalore, our multi-award winning studio is built on creativity, collaboration and exceptional service.

We are passionate about the power of design and the way it enriches lives. That’s why, we use evidence-based design solutions to create bespoke, functional spaces that stand the test of time.

We are flexible and can respond to your needs quickly and efficiently without the constraints experienced by larger design firms. When you work with us, you will only work with professional, qualified Interior Designers. We will guide you throughout your project: it is our job to ensure your vision is brought to life

Our mission is to provide exceptional design solutions to enrich the quality of life of those that inhabit the spaces we create.


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EXCELLENCE Backed by skill

We believe in flawless execution.

We have high standards. Everything we do is built upon a solid foundation of exceptional quality. In every detail, interaction and project decision we pursue excellence and aim to exceed client expectations.

CREATIVITY Backed by problem-solving

We believe in new ideas.

No two project briefs are ever the same – this excites us. Blending technical expertise with creativity allows us to craft bespoke interior design solutions that energise spaces and anticipate needs. We see each brief as an opportunity to discover new solutions and reinvent the future..

COLLABORATION Backed by communication

We believe many minds are better than one.

We all bring a different set of professional skills, technical expertise and experience to the table. But together, we cultivate the power of design to deliver exceptional outcomes. Working closely with our clients, partners and suppliers raises new possibilities and takes us in exciting directions.

PURPOSE Backed by competence

We believe good design has the power to change lives.

We are committed to creating responsive interior environments that enhance the quality of life of those who inhabit them. We apply intelligent design thinking to facilitate positive human experiences.

PASSION Backed by inspiration

We believe good design requires heart.

Put simply – we love what we do. Inspiration is borne from what we see around us – art, nature, travel and the tiny details from everyday life. We blend our inspiration with passion to create truly creative and bespoke design solutions.